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Amazon Luna February 2023 games

The first month of the year has flown by. A month which is usually pretty quiet for gamers after the holiday period, in terms of new releases. Cloud gaming is no different. Sadly, this trend continues into February for Amazon Luna. We now know what the Amazon Luna February 2023 games are. We’re only getting two new games next month. Keep reading for what to expect from Amazon Luna in February.

Two new games + Prime gaming channel changes

As mentioned, two games will be added to Amazon Luna, among new games being rotated into the Prime Gaming channel. First up is Moonrider: Vengeful Guardian. This 2D Action Platformer has been announced a while ago for Amazon Luna and next month we’ll finally be getting it. The second game is sailing simulation game Sail Forth. For anyone missing their sailing fix, Amazon Luna has you covered.

Amazon Luna also released both Oddballers and Guacamelee for the Luna+ channel today, in case you missed it.

Additionally, four new games will be rotated into the Prime Gaming channel. Members of Amazon Prime can play these four games for free, starting February 1st:

A lot of games will be leaving

Sadly, a lot of games will leave in February, thinning out the catalogue even more. The following games will leave Amazon Luna. Titles in bold are now unavailable for cloud gaming.

That was it for the Amazon Luna February 2023 games. However, additionally games might be added during February. Stay tuned.