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2D Platformer



Multiplayer Modes

Local Co-Op, Local Versus, Online Co-Op, Online Versus

Max Players Co-Op


Max Players Versus



Massive Miniteam


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Amazon Luna

No (Left the service)



GeForce Now


PlayStation Plus Premium

Yes (US/EU only)

Utomik Cloud


Xbox Game Streaming


Game description

Once You Spit, You Can’t Quit!

Spitlings is a chaotic action arcade game for one to four players. It puts you in control of the titular Spitlings: charming rectangular creatures with teeth they can spit at bubbles or use to jump!

Your goal is simple, but hard to achieve: Get rid of all the bubbles bouncing around the screen!

A True Co-op Experience

Spitlings is a multiplayer game that takes cooperation seriously:

If one player fails, everyone restarts the level together.

This makes it a challenging frenzy – perfectly suited for playing with friends both locally and online. Prepare for intense moments and a lot of shouting, as you and your friends will beat level after level by the spit, uhm, skin of your teeth. Always keep an eye on your limited supply while you jump out of the way of the bouncy bubbles and try to split them. Beat the time challenge of each level to unlock its harder b-side version, plus even more playable Spitlings and color themes!

Story Campaign

The Spitlings are happy little creatures, living a peaceful life in their skyscraper hometown. Their only problem is the weather: It rains nasty goop that turns into bubbles, entraps the Spitlings, and wrecks their town! There is only one option: They’ll have to split all bubbles and free their friends on the lower floors. Along the way, who knows what they might encounter?

Arcade Mode

Be sure to check out the party mode that comes with mutators which add another layer of chaos. Want to play upside down? Never stop jumping? Put on a space helmet? We’ve got you covered! Tune your preferred game modes, mutators, and level pools as needed to customize the experience to your liking. Then invite your friends and start spitting! Your performance will be judged with an array of unique medals…


– Action-packed, highly engaging, scream-at-your-friends multiplayer fun

– Play the whole game with up to four people

– If one fails, all restart: It’s co-op with all the outrage of versus on top!

– Play 100+ levels and beat the clock to unlock the challenging b-side versions

– Unlock 70+ themes and 100 Spitlings to play with

– Experience the story through detailed, interactive comic cutscenes

– Increase the chaos in party mode with several unique mutator sets

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