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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Classic

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High Fantasy

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Blizzard Entertainment

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Game description

Your Classic Journey Continues

You’ve toppled the undead armies of the Lich King and ended Arthas’ reign. Now, Deathwing, The Worldbreaker bursts from the heart of the Maelstrom, unleashing his rage. All will burn beneath the shadow of his wings.

Notable Features

Following Deathwing the Destroyer’s cataclysmic entrance, which left a festering wound across Azeroth, heroes are called to once again experience a dramatically reforged Azeroth and defend it from utter devastation.

Goblins & Worgen

The cursed worgen and the cunning goblins join the Alliance and Horde, each bringing their own unique edge to Azeroth.

New Dungeons & Raids

Brave defenders of Azeroth can battle their way through seven intense dungeons and four new cataclysmic raids.

New Level Cap

Ascend to new levels of power as you defend Azeroth, earning new talents every step of the journey to level 85.

Conquer the Elemental Planes

Deathwing has damaged the boundary between the mortal and elemental planes, and chaotic elementals are pouring into Azeroth. You must stop him!

Customize Your Character

Spice up your appearance with the Transmogrification System. Customize the appearance of some weapons and armor while still retaining the stats.

Expansive Zones

Explore seven new Zones and three starting Zones for the two new Races—Goblins and Worgen, filled with cataclysmic content to rekindle your sense of adventure.

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