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Wizard of Legend 2

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Isometric Action RPG


High Fantasy

Multiplayer Modes

Local Co-Op, Online Co-Op

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Dead Mage


Humble Games

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Amazon Luna




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PlayStation Plus Premium


Utomik Cloud


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Game description

In an age of myth and magic, ambitious wizards from around the world have assembled to undertake a perilous trial: Journey to the Floating Lands, and prove themselves worthy to command the power of the fabled Chalice of Immortality. Many will try. Most will fail. Only those who have truly mastered the chaotic, shifting elemental forces of Arcana will become a Wizard of Legend!

Prepare to face an all-new series of unpredictably perilous trials in Wizard of Legend 2*—the action-packed follow-up to the acclaimed dungeon-delving original, featuring vibrant new 3D visuals and fast-paced up to 4-player online co-op. Wield familiar and new Arcana, experiment with devious new spell combinations, and seek immortality as you return again and again (and again) to master ever-changing rogue-lite challenges of the Chalice.

Journey back to an era of legendary trial
Put your spellcraft skills to the test in the Floating Lands—a shifting sorcerous gauntlet conjured forth by Hieronymus, Lanova’s wizard supreme, to find an inheritor to the Chalice’s power. Get to know the peculiar and powerful members of the wizarding council as they oversee, guide, or throw a twist into your trials.

Unleash your Arcana
Harness the power of familiar and new Arcana—attacks that tame the land’s magical chaotic forces into the form of fiery projectiles, magical melee strikes, swirling tempests, and more. Discover powers during your trial that change your Arcana (and your play) in unexpected ways. Mix, match, experiment, and master your favorite combinations…until you find a new favorite on your next run.

Master the Elements
In Wizard of Legend 2, your wizard takes on the aspects of fire, water, earth, lightning, and air, adding new layers of possibility and potential. Focus on the raw damage of fire or the unbreakability of earth. Move quicker, sling Arcana faster, or seek balance as each trial demands.

Team up for trials online
Summon friends from around the world to face the challenges of the Chalice in the Wizard of Legend 2’s new, easy to get into co-op for up to 4 players, and unleash magic’s full chaotic potential. Whether you choose to play as a party or go it alone, you’ll have a legendary time.

Persevere and prevail
Each treacherous trial is unlike the last, and the odds are not in your favor. Learn from your predecessors’ failures through a persistent rogue-lite progression system that grants more arcane options to your next initiate. Each trial takes you one step closer to becoming the Wizard of Legend!

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