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Torque Drift 2

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Modern Day


Grease Monkey Games


Grease Monkey Games

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Online Co-Op, Online Versus

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Utomik Cloud


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Game description

Torque Drift 2 is a skill-based Motorsport game set in a fictional modern-day Japanese city. Boasting extensive vehicle, profile, avatar and garage customization options, linear and open environments, a powerful suite of player creation tools, and a multitude of feature support for both single and multiplayer experiences, Torque Drift 2 offers a ‘play-your-way’ experience that you have never seen before.
Set in the hills and back streets of Japan, you meet in parking lots to show off your modified cars for street rep, or battle it out in the hills in ad hoc drift battles. The street invokes a sense of excitement, fun and fear that puts drivers on the edge. Horsepower will not save you here as the street demands fine control to weave through tight mountain passes and streets.
Bright and vibrant events with roaring crowds, the Pro circuits are where drivers go for fame and glory – pushing their cars to the absolute limit. Competitions take the form of structured tournaments where you battle it out against other drivers, judged on your speed, angle, line, and style.

Game World

In Torque Drift 2, Drifting has become a mainstay in modern Japanese society with events and meetups becoming commonplace. An influx of money and wealth has enabled the young access to parts and cars locked behind the closed doors of the rich, taking the drifting world to all new heights. The current state has allowed young and old, pro and street, purist and progressive, traditional and new-age drifters to mix and compete, trying to identify who stands as the king of the mountain.
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