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2D Platformer, Puzzle



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Fulqrum Publishing

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Amazon Luna




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Game description

Step into the intriguing world of Haimrik, an extraordinary action-adventure game blending elements of platforming, puzzles, and indie goodness. Embrace the role of Haimrik, a young scribe striving for survival in a medieval town teeming with fearless warriors, cunning sorcerers, fearsome dragons, and powerful sorcerer-warriors atop dragons. However, an unexpected turn of events changes everything when he stumbles upon a mysterious book.

Journey alongside Haimrik and his unlikely companion Masamba, a ravenous lioness torn between protecting him and devouring him. Together, they will embark on a daring quest to challenge the malevolent Word King and his formidable legion, the Word Warriors.

Unleash the extraordinary Power of the Words that lie within Haimrik! Each step he takes ushers these magical stones to life, whether he desires it or not. Activate the right words strategically to conquer the diverse adversaries that lurk within countless captivating Word Worlds. Brace yourself as new mind-bending puzzles constantly test your wits throughout the journey.

In this enchanting universe washed in sepia tones, immerse yourself in hilarious medieval comedy infused with dark humor and outlandish cartoon violence. And beware, as Haimrik’s perilous journey will be marked by countless gruesome deaths, leaving striking pools of crimson blood juxtaposed against the otherwise monochromatic landscapes.

Join this medieval revolution against the Word King and his elite warriors, and prepare for a transformative experience, where words and stories take on an entirely new meaning.


  • Experience a unique action adventure centered around captivating interactive words.
  • Dive into a medieval comedy brimming with dark humor and over-the-top cartoon violence.
  • Immerse yourself in a rare sepia-toned medieval fantasy world.
  • Discover an array of eccentric characters to meet and venture alongside – embrace the lioness Masamba who valiantly safeguards Haimrik, except when she’s overcome with the urge to devour him.
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