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Garden Story

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Action, Adventure



Multiplayer Modes


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Rose City Games

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Amazon Luna




GeForce Now


PlayStation Plus Premium


Utomik Cloud


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No (Left the service)

Game description

A chill game set in a cozy village

Traverse the four seasons in this wholesome world inhabited by quirky fruits and vegetables! As the newest guardian of the Grove, it is your duty to rebuild the village and uncover the story of its hidden past.

Grow with the town

Complete daily requests to defend, restore, and improve the town. As you progress, you’ll unlock memories that allow Concord to harness the power of their predecessors.

A satisfying journey of rebuilding and collecting

Listen to the sweet and catchy music of the island, relax in The Grove’s cozy and inviting atmosphere, cultivate gardens and libraries, and enjoy the delightful personalities you’ll meet along the way. You can even collect adorable hats and backpacks in every village!

Play at your own pace

Only have 12 minutes to spare? That’s just enough time for a quick gameplay session. Looking to stay awhile? Take your time rebuilding the Grove. Either way, there’s always something you can do to help your community— they’re counting on their new guardian!

Accessibility Options

For those who prefer to progress the story without the stresses of combat, you can always turn on “perish prevention” mode in the gameplay options. This setting is also helpful for getting past difficult enemies or boss fights.


  • Explore a lush, living world: Immerse yourself in The Grove’s vibrant, organic ecosystem with four distinct (and adorable!) regions to enjoy.
  • Foster community: Take on requests, complete favors, and work as a role model to provide inhabitants with the confidence to support one another. Don’t be afraid to ask for help: we’re rebuilding together!
  • Combat Rot: Solve puzzles and fend off Rot as you delve into particularly infested locations of The Grove. Take caution: especially formidable Rot have taken residence in the depths of these areas!
  • Experiment with equipment: Utilize a variety of items to help gather resources, grow gardens, stave off Rot, solve puzzles, and indulge in the occasional musical interlude!
  • Cultivate your home: Care for garden plots, gather resources, curate libraries, upgrade your tools, and rebuild structures.
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