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Farlight 84

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Battle Royale, Third Person Shooter



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Farlight Games


Farlight Games

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Amazon Luna



Yes (Steam)

GeForce Now

Yes (Steam)

PlayStation Plus Premium


Utomik Cloud


Xbox Game Streaming


Game description

Farlight 84, a mega-intense Battle Royale!

Set in 2084, Farlight 84 takes players to an apocalyptic near-future world, where they’ll get to commandeer vehicles with deadly offensive capabilities; fly and dash around the battlefield with a one-of-a-kind Jetpack; and discover a roster of heroes bursting with personality and ultimate skills!

Smash with ultimate skills – Ace Your Battles!

14 Heroes, all with ultimate skills you’ve never seen before! Turn the tides of battle and witness their prowess. You never know who will survive ‘til the very end!

Smash with armored vehicles – Blow’ em Up!

Our armored vehicles will blow your enemies away! Rule the battlefield with bullets, extreme firepower and lightning speed!

Smash with ingenious weapons – Unleash Your Energy!

Various weapons from four manufacturers, each with different styles! These bad boys will never fail you in combat!

Smash with unique heroes – Be Who You Want to Be!

Introducing Capsulers with distinctive personalities! Rally your Clan and take the win!

Smash with jetpacks – Fly and Dash!

Jetpacks bring you a fantastic and never-before-seen shooting experience! Propel forward or upward in the thick of battle and dodge projectiles in style!

Smash with stylish looks – Turn Heads and Roll with the Times!

Drama queen or low-key gentleman? Suit yourself up with a unique Skin from your Warehouse! Enjoy smashing under the spotlight!

Smashing in multi-modes – Fun Beyond Battle Royale

No matter how you wanna play it, there’s always something new. HUNT, Team Deathmatch, Bayfront Rally and more….
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