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Die for Valhalla!

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Beat 'Em Up



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Game description

Experience the ultimate hack and slash action in Die for Valhalla!, an exhilarating action RPG set in a strangely cartoony world where Norse Mythology collides with Lovecraftian mythos. As a supernatural Valkyrie, unleash your power to possess fallen warriors and lead the Vikings in their epic quest to save their realm!

Take on this thrilling adventure solo or team up with friends locally in intense multiplayer battles for up to 4 players. Choose between two exciting gameplay modes to suit your style:

  • Normal mode: Immerse yourself in a vast world filled with exploration and a more relaxed difficulty curve. Revive your friends and discover potions with useful or hilariously unexpected effects!
  • Hardcore mode: Prepare for an action-packed experience in this hybrid of roguelite and arcade beat ’em up gameplay. Brave a smaller world with a steeper difficulty curve and face permadeath. Beware of malicious potions that can turn the tides of your journey!

Key Features:

  • Engaging Beat ’em Up gameplay in normal mode for a more relaxed experience
  • Action-packed rogue-lite elements blended with arcade beat ’em up mechanics in hardcore mode
  • Harness the unique Possession mechanic to take full control of heroes, monsters, and more
  • Unlock and unleash over 10 Viking Clans, each with special bonuses and access to different Viking Classes
  • Master 7 different Viking Classes, each offering unique play styles and powerful combos
  • Customize your Valkyrie’s progression with over 80 skills to choose from
  • Recruit cute yet bloodthirsty creatures as companions, each with special abilities to aid you on your journey
  • Showcase your skills in Deathmatch and Survival Challenges, competing against friends
  • Plus, much more!
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