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Crypto: Against All Odds

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Tower Defense



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Max Players Co-Op


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Pictagor Games


Plug In Digital

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Amazon Luna




GeForce Now


PlayStation Plus Premium


Utomik Cloud


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Game description

Immerse yourself in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain security in Crypto: Against All Odds – Tower Defense. This innovative tower defense game combines stylish gameplay with the rise of crypto culture and the challenges of cyber warfare. Battle against bugs, hackers, ransomware, and other deadly cybersecurity attacks while exploring the fascinating world of cryptocurrencies. This game will keep you on the edge of your seat. Remember to stay calm and HODL the line!

Embark on a cypherpunk interactive story as a blockchain security expert and hacker in the early days of Bitcoin. As hacking activities surge, you sense a looming threat trying to bring down the entire crypto space. Uncover a big conspiracy by interacting with other forum users, reading terminal chats, and message boards. But beware, the people behind it are onto your true identity – something you’ve tried to keep a secret. Defend your towers as a red hat and protect the crypto space!

Key Features:

  • Roleplay as a Security Expert: Step into the shoes of a cybersecurity and hacking expert in this immersive crypto game. Take on bounties, read terminal chat messages, and uncover a huge conspiracy in the crypto space.
  • Side Activities: Between missions, engage in various activities such as chatting with your crypto squad, trading cryptocurrencies, playing arcade mini-games, and reading inbox messages from strangers. Your decisions have consequences!
  • Squad Customization: Customize your squad to suit your tactical needs. Slow down enemies with a plasma beam, blast them with explosions, or teleport your crypto around. Combine different crypto units with supporting powers to uncover powerful synergies.
  • Base Building: Upgrade your central Hub between missions to unlock additional features and game modes. Each upgrade not only enhances your base visually but also provides new gameplay elements.
  • Inspired by Plants vs Zombies: Experience the excitement of tower defense games with a new twist, inspired by the iconic Plants vs Zombies.
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