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Critter Cove

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Life Simulation, Relaxing



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Max Players Co-Op


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Gentleman Rat



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Amazon Luna




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PlayStation Plus Premium


Utomik Cloud


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Game description

Welcome to the vibrant and cozy world of Critter Cove, a chilled-out, laid-back tropical island exploration and life simulation game.

Rebuild a Neglected Town

Employ your engineering skills to improve the town, bringing back shops and community spaces. If the Caring Community Commission approves, you’ll lift Critter Cove through the ranks, unlocking new buildings to renovate, new items to craft, and new features to enrich your town!

Salvage Trash, Craft Treasures

Rebuild the town of Critter Cove from the ground up. Craft weird and wonderful items using resources scavenged from across the world. Repurpose trash, debris, and driftwood into useful tools, machinery, and furniture.⠀

Recruit New Critters and Build a Community

As your town levels up, you’ll need to find and recruit an adorable cast of animal townsfolk to move in. Assign them jobs that suit their unique personalities, build them homes, and help them become a part of your flourishing island community.

Make New Friends

From a snarky bearded dragon to a robot puzzled at the peculiarities of meat-based beings, you’ll always be forging new relationships with the world’s eclectic characters.

Explore A Hand Crafted Open World

Expand the town’s horizons by exploring an intricate open world for relics, blueprints, and shipwrecked critters.

Master the Waves – and the Oceans

And that’s just on dry land – below the waves there’s a wondrous world of mysterious ruins, shipwrecks and ancient technology. Craft new equipment to dive deeper and sail farther, and discover new places and bizarre peoples!

Make Critter Cove Your Own

Play as a human or a huge range of animal characters. Select, refurbish, and personalize your own home – and your wardrobe – with a broad selection of furnishings, fashions and designs.

Take Life at your Own Pace

Embark on an adventure to far flung islands, or relax and spend the afternoon fishing. Take on quests and crafting orders from the locals, or decorate your house exactly how you want – it’s up to you!

Whatever you do, don’t forget to sit back, soak in the sights and sounds of this idyllic world, and embrace a cozy island lifestyle!

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