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Conqueror’s Blade

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High Fantasy

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Online Co-Op, Online Versus

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Booming Games


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Amazon Luna




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Yes (Steam)

PlayStation Plus Premium


Utomik Cloud


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Game description

Forge your legend in battle in Conqueror’s Blade, a free-to-play tactical action MMO brought to you by MY.GAMES and Booming Tech. Master the art of siege tactics, command medieval units, and conquer castles in massive online battles featuring units, heroes, armour, and maps inspired by real-world history!

Coordinate with your team to attack or defend castles and fortresses in Siege Battles. Deploy siege weapons like trebuchets and mortars to breach defences, command your units in real-time, and fight in teams of up to 15 players for glory, spoils, and the thrill of the fight! You can also put your strategic expertise to the test by capturing zones in classic Field Battles and delving into Limited-Time PvP or PvE Event Modes on special occasions.

Customise your character and arm them with a range of powerful weapon classes. Each class boasts distinct playstyles, attacks, and special abilities, and offers unique tactical advantages to help you turn the tide of battle in your favour. Wield the classic Longsword and Shield, the brutish Maul, the long-reaching Spear, the martial arts-inspired Pike, the explosive power of the Musket, Bows and arrows, and lots more weapons that can be switched out at any time.

Command powerful units inspired by warriors from medieval history. Dozens of melee, ranged, and cavalry soldiers can be unlocked, including historically-inspired units like the Winged Hussars, Shieldmaidens, Namkhan Archers, and Siphonarioi. You can also use various unique unit mechanics to gain an advantage, such as healing, musical buffs, and explosives. New units join the fray every Season, so be sure to adapt your unit loadout and strategies regularly!

Up the stakes by pledging your blade in Territory Wars, massive PvP events fought between hundreds of players in Houses and Factions on a server-wide scale. Join a House with your friends and compete to claim land and build your prestige. Control territories to craft war supplies at discounted rates and set tax rates to earn weekly revenue for your House. At the end of every Season, prepare for climactic Territory Wars showdowns on huge battlegrounds like Reginopolis and Turul Város!

Seasons are limited-time events where you can complete challenges to earn exclusive content from the Free Pass or Battle Pass, including exclusive cosmetics and useful resources. Every Season is themed, steeped in lore, and features original Seasonal Campaigns and Challenges—play often to conquer new battlefields, unlock new units, and discover armour and weaponry inspired by historical eras such as the Viking Age, Medieval France, Ancient China, and the Byzantine Empire.

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