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Badlands Crew

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Action, Time Management



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Runner Duck Games


Curve Games

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As a protector of The Citadel, the last outpost of the surviving innocents, you must journey into the lawless Badlands to conquer crazed factions of marauders and defeat their evil chief, The Orator. To succeed you must construct and customize your ferocious battle wagon to adapt to the lethal threats you will face.

Use deep and dynamic vehicle customization to equip your wagon with a range of components and weapons such as flamethrowers, sniper turrets, gatling guns, lookout towers, medical stations, wheels, suspension, fuel tanks, engines and exhausts. Build your battle wagon, your way…

Transform a rag-tag crew of skill-less grunts into a legendary unit of elite road warriors with abilities that complement your battle wagon’s strengths and your playstyle. Life expectancy out in the Badlands is short and death is permanent – only hardened warriors will thrive. Choose wisely who to put in danger!

Combat requires commanders to multitask under immense pressure. Think quickly on your feet and manage your crew individually in the heat of battle to man guns, repair vehicle components, heal injured crew mates and repel boarders. Drive and navigate to avoid environmental hazards such as sandstorms, volcanic eruptions and giant sandworms whilst fighting off waves of enemy combatants.

The Gun Nutz, Pyros, Vultures and Klowns are the savage militia groups that roam the Badlands, each led by a crazed Warlord boss. Going head-to-head to defeat them in combat will require skill and planning as each faction has their own unique weaponry and combat tactics. You will need to adapt your strategies, your battle wagon build and your crew’s skills to succeed!

The Badlands is a vast desert landscape, filled with strongholds and outposts to overcome on your journey. Your decisions change the campaign map as faction influence declines and grows based on the outcome of your battles. Smart decision-making within the safety of The Citadel when planning routes, customizing vehicles and training your crew is just as important as critical calls made during the heat of battle.

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