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Boosteroid partners with Microsoft

Big news today from Boosteroid. In a statement provided by Microsoft, both companies have declared that Boosteroid partners with Microsoft. This means all Xbox PC games are coming to Boosteroid. The agreement has been signed for the next 10 years. When Microsoft’s takeover of Activision/Blizzard goes through, all their games will be officially supported too. However, most of their games such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare II and World of Warcraft are already available on Boosteroid. It also means there’s a good chance we’ll be getting Diablo IV in the cloud however. Last month, Microsoft also announced that all their Xbox PC games would be coming to GeForce Now.

No timeline as of yet

There has been no mention of a timeline. Games could be showing up at any moment. Boosteroid adds games regularly, including many of the latest AAA games. We’ll have to be patient for now, same as with GeForce Now. Keep checking back here for news on that front, as we’ll always update the catalogue as soon as possible. Either way, it’s good news to hear Boosteroid partners with Microsoft.