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PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium February 2023 update

The new games for PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium’s February refresh have been announced. Simply put, they are amazing additions. This is definetly one of the most impressive catalogue refreshes in cloud gaming so far. Find out which games you’ll be able to play with the PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium February 2023 update, all available through cloud gaming.

Games added on February 21th

The absolute blockbuster among these titles is PlayStation exclusive Horizon: Forbidden West. The hugely praised follow up to Horizon: Zero Dawn released just last year and already arrives to PlayStation Plus. Accompanying it, are some great AAA games. Some of which mark a return to cloud gaming. The games will be available starting February 21st. You can find the list below. Titles in bold are new to cloud gaming.

Games leaving January 21th

Even though this isn’t officially announced, some games will also be leaving the catalogue to make room for the others. Metaphorically speaking obviously. Thanks to reddit users for finding this out. You can find the full list below. Games in bold will become unavailable through cloud gaming.

That was it for the PlayStation Plus Extra/Premium February 2023 update! We’ll keep you updated on anything new, so be sure to come back reguraly. We also have a Twitter account you can follow.