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Xbox Game Pass January 2023 Games

After some radio silence due to the christmas holidays, the Xbox Game Pass team have finally revealed what games we can expect for January. Read on for the Xbox Game Pass January 2023 Games.

Quality over Quantity

December 2022 was a dissapointing month for Xbox Cloud Gaming, as only a few games have been added to Xbox Game Pass. For those of you hoping for another big batch of games, the Xbox Game Pass January 2023 Games might be a little dissapointing. But don’t be fooled by the amount here. It’s definitely a quality over quantity month here.

Two games have already been added earlier this month, notably Mortal Shell and Stranded Deep. Both are playable right now through Xbox Cloud Gaming. But certainly the biggest games are yet to come. They’ve been announced earlier, but on January 19 players can experience Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden. Following that, the next day sees the debut of Monster Hunter Rise for cloud gaming.

Games leaving January 15th

As is also customary every month, games are leaving Xbox Cloud Gaming just as much as they’re being added. On January 15th, the following games will be leaving. Games in bold will become unavailable through cloud gaming.