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Cloud Gaming is still in it’s infancy, compared to consoles and PC gaming, however the various cloud gaming services are improving at a rapid pace. Following on the heels of Stadia and xCloud, Amazon has announced that Amazon Luna now supports virtual controllers on a smartphone as well. By downloading the Amazon Luna app, you can use your smartphone as a controller with a virtual controller on the touch screen. The great thing is, this works for guests too. Here’s how it works, per Amazon:

To set up a Luna Phone Controller:

  1. Go to the appstore on your mobile device and install the Luna Controller app.
  2. Sign into your Amazon account.
  3. Select Play With Phone Controller.

The next time you’re ready to play, just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Luna app on a compatible device, such as a compatible Fire TV, PC, or Mac.
  2. Open the Luna Controller app on your mobile device.
  3. Select Launch under your virtual controller and wait for your controller to connect to Luna.
  4. Use the virtual controller to select the game you want to play and launch it.

Guests can also download the Luna Controller app and join in on the gameplay.